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Effortlessly manage new hire paperwork in one step
Tell us the new hire's name and email, we'll handle the rest!
  • New hires review and sign required documents online(I-9, W-4, proof of citizenship, custom onboarding docs)
  • New hires provide bank and payroll information
  • Everything is stored online with bank level security
You'll Love GetHired Onboarding
GetHired Onboarding saves time and money and helps you stay compliant with the law.
Manage employee documents in one, easy to use dashboard.
Manage full-time, part-time and independent contractor paperwork in one place. See the status of each new hire’s paperwork in real time.
Select documents in a few clicks.
Whether it's a W2, I9, copy of a drivers license or a custom form that's required as a part of your hiring process, simply tell us what you want the new hire to fill out and we'll take care of it.
New hires love it and get straight to work on their first day.
Give new hires the flexibility of reviewing documents and completing them prior to their first day of work.
Stay compliant with the law.
The government requires employers to keep employee forms on file.
Store everything online with bank-level security.
GetHired stores your files using AES-256 encryption with a uniquely derived key, which is the same encryption methods used by state of the art banks.
Why use GetHired Onboarding?
GetHired Onboarding was designed to help growing businesses manage their new hire paperwork in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. With GetHired Onboarding, employers can easily select which new hire documents they want to have employees fill out and then seamlessly manage the onboarding process. Employees can review documents and complete necessary paperwork in the convenience of their homes.
With GetHired Onboarding, employers save time and money in the hiring and onboarding process. GetHired Onboarding was designed to be used by any business in the United States.